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The Internet

Friday, July 17th, 2009

If you are too young to remember back as far as the dotcom bust then you may not get much out of this post. However if you do remember it and you market music, then I would like to point out some observations of mine. Let me first state that these observations are not really earth-shattering, but perhaps they may confirm similar thoughts that you are also having.

Looking back at the consumer of 1993, we see that the norm was a push mechanism where targeted material (song, video, commercial, etc ) was broadcast to you. You had the ability to choose what channel / station that you wanted to watch, but once selected there were not options – except selecting another channel / station. The consumer was the endpoint for the broadcast and could not participate in the broadcast moving elsewhere; meaning even if there was material that caught your attention you could not pass it on to others, except perhaps with a verbal attempt at explaining to others the content of the material. You also had no mechanism to interact with the media – it was a one way street.

15 years later, though these push mechanisms are still used by consumers however there are now more options available. One of them is a pull mechanism that the Internet provides. There is now an entire demographic that has grown up on, and prefers the pull mechanism. They have the power to choose the material (song, video, commercial, etc ) that they want to see / hear, when they want to see it, and with mobile technology growing by leaps and bounds, where they want it. Interaction with the content provider by leaving comments or replies is a large part of the norm in the new consumer world. The new consumer also has the power to pass on material to others by emailing, embedding, sharing, re-posting, re-tweeting, etc.

In a nutshell, the new consumer is now a major partner in your marketing campaign – or at least they should be.

Not only is the communication street now two-way, but with the ability for the new consumer to do one-to-many types of forwarding (such as re-tweets), the power to create a viral type of buzz actually now lies within the new consumers hands! In a nutshell, the new consumer is now a major partner in your marketing campaign – or at least they should be.

– Big Strad