Political Candidates in the Era of Trump?

Bad reasons to support a candidate…

  • emotional irrelevancies
    • basing your opinion on the opinions of others – i.e. only considering top polling candidates, only names that are widely covered in the media or even hanging with your neighbors at a caucus meeting
    • based on who has the most commercials (tv, internet, etc.)
    • based on candidates with ties to presidents of the past – i.e. name-dropping
    • based solely on gender, race or sexual orientation
    • based on yearning to return to some past version of normality
    • based on political party affiliation – come hell or high water

The issue with these reasons is that none of them really fix anything. They are all personal and emotional. Don’t get me wrong, emotion is THE vehicle that Trump ran on. But none of these emotions are likely strong enough to invoke the relevant emotion needed to spark a turnout big enough to overcome Trump’s base.

Better reasons to support a candidate…

  • anything policy related
    • climate change
    • criminal justice reform
    • racial inequality
    • health care (including mental health)
    • immigration reform
    • education reform
    • tax relief
    • etc.

Policy changes do fix things. But policies are not strong enough to invoke the emotion needed to spark a turnout big enough to overcome Trump’s base.

Likely the BEST reason to support a candidate…

You have to address the reasons that Trump exists as President, or you will lose. Period.

One of the top reasons? THE relevant emotion – racism. Not to be confused with policies of racial inequality, we’re talking about the you-are-different-than-me-therefore-you-must-be-inferior racism. Trump uses this type of racism to pit (typically poor) white folks against minorities.

Let’s face it, white America is slowly losing its majority status which it has enjoyed since white Americans themselves immigrated here and took the majority status away from native Americans. To white Americans, losing majority status also equates to a loss of power, and invokes fear. Trump embraced this fear and used it as red meat to toss at a hungry base of white Americans afraid of losing their version of America.

Trump’s answer? Build a wall, and America keeps its white majority, right?

It is much easier to coerce a group of people to blame their issues on minorities and others and conjure up ill-advised ways to eliminate them from the country than to face the real issues head on. Trump’s answer? Build a wall, and America keeps its white majority, right?

Ok, if the issue is not the minorities, then what is the real issue?

The real issue is making money in the 21st century economy – i.e. elimination of jobs via automation.

  • Mall jobs (and malls themselves) are disappearing.
  • Fast-food restaurants are replacing cashiers with self-service kiosks. Only a matter of time before the cooks are replaced as well.
  • Grocery stores have replaced cashiers with self-checkout, are testing online order and delivery and once perfected, will shutdown neighborhood grocery stores and utilize city-wide distribution centers.
  • Self-driving cars will change the gig-economy as we know it; no reason for Lyft and Uber drivers when the cars can drive themselves!
  • Truck drivers are at risk because these too will be self-driving.
  • Bars are moving to robot bartenders.
  • By the way, when was the last time you were on a major toll road and traffic had to stop, line up and pay a cashier? Technology is not fake news.

    Companies that invent and / or leverage automation technologies which eliminate jobs that existed in the 20th century should place a share of that revenue directly back into the hands of Americans. This concept is not new, in fact, it is currently in effect in Alaska and was mentioned by Martin Luther King Jr. and recently by Barack Obama as well. Americans can use this money to start their own business, put food on their tables, or sock away for a rainy day, or whatever. It’s your America, it’s your money, do with it what you will.

    Coal mining jobs are out. Fossil fuel jobs will be too some day. The survival of the planet and the evolving technology to enable this survival will inevitably win. The good news is that solutions like solar, clean-infrastructure, electric cars, etc. will bring new jobs.

    I am a technologist working in IT, so things that I work on could likely be one of the things where I too end up having to pay some of my revenue back into the pockets of my fellow Americans. So I too can’t skirt this initiative –  and I am 100% ok with it!

    So what is the answer? Andrew Yang is the ONLY candidate addressing these types of issues. He is a minority of Asian descent and is committing to providing $1,000 a month for every American to help us navigate the 21st century economy. In addition, his policies are inline with other candidates such as healthcare to all.

    Why any American, especially minority Americans, are ignoring this man is beyond me.

    But don’t form your opinion based on my (or anyone else’s) opinion. You may want to take a look at candidate Yang for yourself http://yang2020.com/

    Or not. What’s another four years of what we have now anyway, right?

    – Big Strad

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